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The Paseo at Superstition Mountain Wedding | Videographer Phoenix  How They Met: Landon and Paige met almost nine years ago while they were both in high school working at their first job at Harkins Theaters at SanTan Mall. They were both in different places in their lives and young as they were not looking for […]

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How They Met: Brittany and Justin met in college, during their freshman year at Arizona State University. They met through mutual friends and they all hung out in the same dorm. They also had the mutual bond of being Greek as they were both in a sorority and fraternity. The first two years Justin and […]

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Romantic & Modern El Chorro Wedding | Videographer Phoenix

  How They Met: Karysnn and Brian met online. It was Brian’s profile photo of him standing in front of a tractor that stood out to Karysnn initially. She then read that he was tall, 6’5 to be exact and she knew she had to send him a message. When Brian picked her up for […]

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Romantic Four Seasons Wedding | Videographer Phoenix

How they met: Chris was absolutely determined to meet Bre. He had seen pictures, heard from friends what an amazing person she is and was on a mission! His numerous attempts to meet her came up empty handed and had basically given up all hope. The very next week after resigning to the fact it […]

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Classic Wedding at The Boulders | Videographer Phoenix

How they Met: It was freshman year of college, 2004 when Chris and Nicole first met. A mutual friend introduced them and Chris would never forget Nicole’s very unique way of holding a pen to write. From that moment on Chris and Nicole became great friends, and along with Nicole came six plus other girlfriends. […]

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Desert Romance Wedding at the Ritz | Videographer Phoenix

How They Met: As told by Aubrey: We met in high school a long time ago – each of us were playing sports and we only crossed paths on the school bus on the way to our games. We never really knew each other then, but knew of each other. In 2011, I (Aubrey) played […]

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Gray & Gold Wedding at The Croft | Videographer Phoenix

  How They Met: Lauren loves to tell the story, so we will share her version: I (Lauren) think it’s funny because God had to try multiple times for us to get together before it stuck. 1) We “first met” at a mutual friend’s house after an ASU Football game. Brandon came over to see […]

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Desert Monet Wedding | Videographer Phoenix

How They Met: Ashley and Brent both grew up in Phoenix on opposite sides of town. Their paths had never crossed until Ashley had recently moved back from Texas around the same time Brent had moved back from Washington. Ashley was out with her girlfriends and Brent was out with his guy friends to celebrate […]

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Copperwynd Wedding | Videographer Phoenix

How They Met: James and Megan met in 2005, when they were both working for the same company! The two of them welcomed our there into the world in 2007, were engaged in 2013, and two little girls later, married in April of 2017. The Proposal: James and Megan had just bought their home in […]

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Romantic Garden Wedding | Videographer Phoenix

How They Met: Ashley is a stay at home mom to the couple’s beautiful baby girl and Jaron is a professional football player with the AZ Cardinals. They met on an airplane when Ashley was still working as a flight attendant. He wanted water before takeoff, which is normally a no-no, but she thought he […]

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Great Gatsby Wedding | Videographer Phoenix