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Indian Fusion Wedding at the Hyatt Gainey Ranch

I absolutely adore a fusion wedding. I love seeing two people fall in love and bring each of their cultures together and “marry” them so to speak. Indian fusion weddings are my absolute favorite!! Indian weddings are by far the most symbolic of any wedding that we film. They are generally 3 days in length and have the most dynamic and colorful ceremonies and celebrations leading up to the actual wedding. From the couple having attire that they had custom made in India to the extensive floral to the groom coming in on a horse. Yes you read that right… a horse. I love it all!!!

This wedding was a fusion of Hindu Indian from the bride and Hispanic culture and tradition from the groom. They opted for a traditional Catholic Ceremony and Reception on day 1 and then moved on to the Hindu Indian traditions on days 2 and 3.

One of the other favorite parts of my job is hearing each couples love stories and how they met. You would think that every couple has this dreamy love story straight out of a Nicholas Sparks book but most couples are the exact opposite with their love stories stemming from awkward moments and mixed signals. Here is this couples love story…

Bride’s Story…. During the first week of pharmacy school, my friends and I were going through countless lectures on what to expect and how to be professional when this handsome, tall asparagus caught my eye. We saw each other and spoke briefly a couple of times, but it wasn’t until he sold me a red velvet, oreo crusted cupcake with a hair in it that really kicked things off. We would text each other, but me being my awkward self our interactions were… lets just say interesting. It wasn’t until our first date that I ran out of the car with a quick “Thanks, bye!” did Saul really know what he was getting himself into. We shared many laughs, adventures, awkward moments and through it all I found the mac to my cheese.

I met this beautiful gal in Pharmacy school. I was presenting to her class during their orientation. I was expecting wide eyed students since they are brand new to the program, but I never expected to run into “the one.” Our interactions were brief at first, but her beauty and charm kept drawing me back. I think we were both a little timid in the beginning, but the underlying chemistry was undeniable. I remember taking her back to her place after our first date, and she literally ran out of the car and into her house without saying goodbye. I thought the date went well, but I had my doubts after her track & field stint. Luckily for me, she was just being shy. The next few dates went better and with each passing moment I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life together. I love everything about her.

And now the Proposal… The groom made reservations for a private dinner at Quiessence at the Farm at South Mountain. This is where the relationship got it’s full fledged start. 

He had the hostess at Quiessence pretend as if they didn’t have
reservations. This was a hard sell because the restaurant had plenty of open
seats, so saying we didn’t have a reservation and they couldn’t accommodate us took some improv. The hostess said there was a private event that was starting in 30 minutes and thus they couldn’t give away their seats. Good on the spot thinking. This set the stage for Saul to lure Reema next to the rutabagas, where a rose petal path lead the couple to the private candle lit dinner. It was here that sparklers and a corny speech ensued to lead up to the proposal.

This wedding took a village to come together. This beauty would not have been possible without this incredible team of vendors:

Venue: Hyatt Gainey Ranch // Wedding Planner: Some Like It Classic // Photographer: Ushna Khan Photography // DJ: Hyper Productions // Florist: Lux Florist // Linens: La Tavola // Makeup: Makiaj // Dress Designer: Martina Liana