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I am so excited you found Serendipity Cinema!! I hope you find a lot of tips, inspiration, and information here on the Blog. We want to document your love and tell the story of your wedding day. We hope to hear from you!!



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It’s the Wednesday Wedding Film Tip posted on Friday…. Part of what a lot of cinematographers offer are something called Documentary Style Edits. I want to explain to you what a Documentary Style Edit is to Serendipity. A Documentary Style Edit is a specific part of the wedding day that is edited in its entirety. […]

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A lot of our couples have terrible memories of being at weddings and being attacked by a dude with a video camera and a big bright light shining in their faces and told to “Say something to the happy couple!”. I can see why couples opt out of Guest Well Wishes if this is their […]

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Understanding the editing process of your wedding film is a key element to managing your expectations on when you will receive your finished film. An industry standard for completion of a wedding film is roughly 6 months. A couples first thought is 6 months seriously??? Are we working on your wedding film for the entire […]

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When researching a Cinematographer make sure that what your vision is for your finished wedding film lines up perfectly with who you end up hiring. We as creative professionals are never a fan of emails with links to other Cinematographers work that says “Can our wedding film look like this?”. We know that you are […]

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I am known to be a pretty direct girl… Let’s just say that my mouth has gotten me in trouble maybe one or two times in my lifetime… I am honest though and I put it out there. You can always count on me to tell you what I think. I am working on how […]

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We have compiled a few tips for you to take into consideration when you are putting together the schedule, timeline, locations and plans for your Wedding Day. All of these tips will help you get the very best Wedding Film possible. * A Pretty Place to Get Ready When picking out a location to get […]

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One of the age old debates in weddings these days is whether or not to do a “First Look”. I will tell you that 95% of my couples do them and I am a HUGE fan… I know it is traditional to not see each other beforehand but let me tell you all of the […]

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If you have decided that you want Photography as well as Cinema to preserve your wedding day memories than it is important to hire a Photographer as well as a Cinematographer that have a relationship and have worked together before. Sadly cinematography is not something every couple chooses to get so Photographers often times get […]

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I am going to attempt to try a new feature on our blog called the Wednesday Wedding Film Tip…. There are a lot of tips that I would like to share with our couples to help them get the most fabulous wedding film possible. Today’s Tip…… Schedule time in your timeline for the wedding day […]

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