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I am so excited you found Serendipity Cinema!! I hope you find a lot of tips, inspiration, and information here on the Blog. We want to document your love and tell the story of your wedding day. We hope to hear from you!!



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Wedding Film Tip: Be Specific About Your Vision

Another Wednesday Wedding Film tip posted on Friday. We’ve been busy over here…. Editing fools to be more specific… Get it? I was playing off of the title of the Wednesday Wedding Film tip.

This weeks tip is to be specific about your vision. About 6 weeks before your wedding at Serendipity we send you a Wedding Questionaire. This asks you everything under the sun about your wedding day. I realize that you are getting these types of questionaires from all of your vendors and they can be monotonous to fill out and cumbersome but these questionnaires play a vital role in the look of your wedding film and contribute significantly to the satisfaction of the finished film. Every couple is so different and what parts of the day each couple values the most is different. So when you receive that questionaire be specific. Give us the “deets” of your event. Of course all moments of the day are special but maybe there are “must haves” that we need to know about. Share them! We are pretty great at getting comprehensive coverage of the event but we aren’t mind readers. If there are specific details you want covered tell us. This helps us know what to look for and know what’s important to you. That way we make sure that it is in your film. When you get your finished film we want you to look at it and say “This is so us!! How did they capture “us” so perfectly?” I’d like to think we are so awesome but really we just know how to read. You told us everything you wanted, you were specific and we just executed that vision.