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I am so excited you found Serendipity Cinema!! I hope you find a lot of tips, inspiration, and information here on the Blog. We want to document your love and tell the story of your wedding day. We hope to hear from you!!



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Tips To Get An Authentically Emotional Wedding Film

When a couple cries when they see their wedding film then we know we have done our job and done it well… As filmmakers we want authentic and meaningful moments that happen organically. We don’t want to stage moments. We want them to be real, true and meaningful. But we also want to invoke emotion on a wedding day because there is nothing better than watching a sentimental love story of a couples most perfect day. I want to share some moments we have documented on a wedding day that help create authentically emotional moments so that your wedding film can be as memorable as possible.

Hire A Wedding Planner…

Hiring a wedding planner is worth its weight in gold… It allows you to come into your wedding day knowing all of the details are handled… and if they aren’t the Planner will take care of it. The more relaxed you are on your wedding day the more you will be present and truly in the moment. It allows you to truly absorb the moments shared with your family and friends without worrying about the little things. You can focus on the day and relax if you hire a Planner to facilitate your vision. A Planner also helps create an element of surprise because often times couples opt to do a grand reveal of the reception or haven’t seen spaces being set. So we are there to capture your reactions when you see those spaces for the first time and it makes for the best footage to see smiles and tears of joy.

Do Bride And Groom Interviews

Bride and Groom interviews are exclusive to Serendipity. No one else in town does them. They are our absolute favorite part of your wedding film. This is where we sit each of you down and interview you separately about how you fell in love, what you love about one another, what the proposal was like and what you are most excited for on the wedding day. This is some of the most raw and intentional footage of the day and makes for an incredible memory years from now when you look back at your wedding film.

Do 3 Types Of First Looks…

A First Look With Your Bridal Party

This is all the rage right now… You line up all your girls and they all turn around at the same time to see you in your wedding gown. We position our cameras to get their reaction to seeing you for the first time. It is awesome… There are smiles and tears and lots of “You look sooooooo beautiful”!! I mean who doesn’t want to hear that in their wedding film…

A First Look With Your Dad

I adore a First Look with your Father… It is soooooo emotional. Something about daddy seeing his baby all grown up and getting married… A dads reaction to his daughter in her dress is priceless and generally involves a lot of tears. And who doesn’t love to see grown men cry. This moment is right out of a Hallmark movie…

A First Look With Your Partner

These are mainstream these days, a First Look with your partner but they are my FAVORITE moments of a wedding film. So much anticipation and emotion. I love the reaction and sweet kisses and tender moments a First Look creates. It makes for some of the most sentimental footage of the wedding day.

Write Your Own Vows

Nothing makes you a blubbering mess more than writing personal vows. Those inside jokes or innermost thoughts about your love bring on the waterworks. While the ugly cry isn’t super pretty it is emotional and real and needs to be documented as such.

Choose Your Toasters Wisely

Who gives a Toast at your wedding is a VERY important decision. If you pick the wrong person the Toasts can take a turn to terrible town really quick… and remember these moments are on video… FOREVER… So you want to choose wisely… Choose someone who is first and foremost articulate and well spoken. Choose someone that you have a history with but will only share appropriate parts of your history together with the crowd… Don’t make it open mic night. Limit the Toasts to a few meaningful speeches rather that a slew of “Congratulations we love you guys”. And finally pick someone who is not going to life their entire Toast from the internet. Someone who will take the time to write something meaningful and sentimental.