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Serendipity Cinema started 15 years ago with the filming of Taryn’s best friend’s wedding. She fell in love with weddings and the idea of telling a couples love story. Now over 2000 wedding films later she has an entire team helping her tell the stories of over 100 couples a year. 

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How We Began

About Us

A couple who feels a wedding film is a "must have" for their wedding day. Serendipity couples want a hand crafted wedding film that uniquely shows who they are as a couple and tells the story of their wedding day as such. Couples who connect with a Serendipity film are those who want an organic film from their day. They want it to unfold naturally without a lot of staged shots but rather shots that are real and true to how things looked and felt that day. Serendipity couples don’t want a dramatic film… but rather a film full of emotion where they will be able to connect with what they felt that day for years to come.


A Serendipity

Most companies do a music video for a wedding film. Where you see the footage and hear the music. With a Serendipity Wedding Film it is a hybrid. You see the footage, hear the music, but most importantly you hear the couples love story. Whether it is through bride and groom interviews, their Ceremony vows or Toasts given at the reception we tell the story of who they are as a couple. Our films are organic. We let the day unfold naturally and capture the story and emotion of the couple and those who love them most. So it becomes a timeless wedding film that you will love and share for years to come.


A Serendipity

Our Style

Hi I am Ashly, most likely seen chasing sunsets and adventure with camera in tow. I love traveling, airplanes, llamas and can never drink too much Dutch Bros! I am a creative, storyteller and hopeless romantic. In this industry, how can I not be? I believe you every couple has their own eccentric love story that needs to be told, and that is what Serendipity Cinema lives for.



I love so many things but Country Music and Country Swing Dancing have to be at the top of that list. I have seen pretty much every major country artist in concert. I love days out on lake on my boat just enjoying the Arizona summer sun. I love my Persian cat Ruby and I will never pass up a Taco. I have got two fantastic kiddos and I love cheerleading and coach a Varsity team at my local high school. I am Monica from the Netflix Documentary "Cheer".



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