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To Do A First Look Or Not…

Many couples have the dilemma of whether or not to do a First Look on the day of their wedding. I am actually a great person to ask because I don’t have a dog in this fight. You will definitely have an incredible film whether you do one or not. However I have some thoughts on it for sure… Let me break it down for you…

First Lets Start With What Is A First Look…

A First Look is when you see your soon to be spouse before the actual wedding ceremony. Your Photographer finds a fantastic well lit location and stages your First Look to get your reactions when you see each other for the first time. Then you spend the next hour or so taking your photos together as a couple. As the Ceremony time approaches you separate and go get ready with final touches before you greet each other down the aisle again.

Why Do A First Look

First of all it helps with your timeline. If you get your First Look done and the majority of your couples photo session done before the Ceremony it allows for you to take family photos and be done. It allows for you not to fall into a time crunch with photos.

Once the sun is going down we are chasing the light. If you don’t do a First Look we have a very limited amount of time for couples photo session. Which means we can’t move you around the property as much and be as creative because we are up against the clock and the setting sun. It truly allows your Photographer to be at their best creatively when they aren’t rushed.

First Looks are very private and emotional and make for some of the best footage from the entire day. Your Photographer and Cinematographer shoot it from a distance so it is a moment just for the two of you and it is beautiful.

First Looks get rid of some of the nerves… There is a lot of pressure to see your spouse at the end of the aisle with 100+ pairs of eyes on you. When you do a First Look you get out some of those nerves and jitters. It has a real calming effect. I promise he or she will still look as good at the end of the aisle even though you saw them just a few hours before.

Doing a First Look allows you to attend your Cocktail Hour. If you are wanting to enjoy Cocktails with your family and friends then doing a First Look allows for that. If you don’t do a First Look you will be wrapping your photos just in time for your Grand Entrance.

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Wedding Planner: Impact Events // Venue: The Sanctuary // Photographer: Keith + Melissa // Florist: Avant Garde Studios // Cake: A Bake Shop // Rentals: Bright Event Rentals