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Avancy Bridal Boutique | Phoenix Arizona

Avancy Bridal Boutique | Phoenix Arizona

In Spring of 2014 Vanessa applied for a Coordinator position with Serendipity Cinematography. She had a strong passion for weddings and we could tell. We hired her without question and she started that season. Vanessa put all she could into her weddings making sure everything ran smoothly and the bride felt so special. Fast forward two years later and Vanessa and her husband Denis decided to take off and travel around the world! (We were so sad to loose her, but knew that her passion with weddings would not fade and we would soon see each other again!) When they came back to Arizona, Avancy Bridal was started. This stunning bridal boutique located in Phoenix, Arizona carries exclusive gowns you wont find anywhere else in the state. These gowns are one of a kind and the experience you will get there is incomparable to other boutique. Vanessa is such a good time to be around! We absolutely adore Vanessa and we are so excited for her new adventure. So here is a little Q & A to help you get to know Vanessa and Avancy Bridal a little better. Read her answers below each question:

About Avancy Bridal Boutique:

Why did you decide to name your bridal boutique, Avancy?

Funny enough, the name Avancy came from combing my two names. Vanessa and Nancy. I have always gone by my middle name, Vanessa instead of Nancy. It seemed to confuse people. I would hear, “Vanessa! Nancy! VANCY! Vancy became a nickname. I added the “a” to the beginning and alas, Avancy was born. I also love that it sounds like “A Fancy” bridal, too.

What got you interested in opening Avancy?

I have always had a huge passion for weddings. I mean, always. Everyone that knows me, knew this about me. They just all thought that I was obsessed with getting married. I love the flowers, the cakes, the vows and above all, the dress! I worked in the wedding industry for a few years before I really found my calling working with wedding dresses. I love working closely with the bride. Hearing her love story and sharing that “YES!” moment with her and her family. I know that this is what I was born to do. Plus, I get to be surrounded by lace, tulle, accessories and happy brides every day!

What makes your bridal boutique unique and different from all the others?

To me, Avancy Bridal wasn’t a great idea that I had one time and just had to make it come true. It has been part of who I am. I love bridal and knew that I wanted to do this for the rest of my life. When you walk into Avancy Bridal and meet me, you immediately see that passion and personality in my boutique. I wanted to create a fun and comfortable environment for brides and her loved ones. The experience at Avancy Bridal is unlike any other. I’m a huge social butterfly that by the time a bride leaves, we’re basically best friends.

What dress designers do you carry?

When I sat down and started building Avancy Bridal, I knew right away that I wanted to have unique designers at my boutique. I reached out to two European designers that were currently not being represented in Arizona. After that, I took to Pinterest and bridal magazines to find what brides were looking for and what modern trends and looks were. I am proud to share that I currently carry the following designers: Amelia Sposa (Avancy Bridal Exclusive), Crystal Design (Avancy Bridal Exclusive), L’amour, Lillian West, San Patrick by Pronovias, Sincerity by Justin Alexander, Maggie Sottero, and Rebecca Ingram.

What type of clients do you typically find yourself working with?

I’ve seen so many unique brides with fun personalities at my boutique. I find that I either have a very edgy, modern bride that wants a fun, new and “totally her” style or I have the traditional bride that wants a classic and modest look.

What’s your favorite thing about weddings or wedding days?

I have experienced so many weddings to know that I have two favorite, favorite moments. The first is when the bride puts on her wedding dress. I love the look she gets on her face when she realized that this is happening. She becomes a bride. At that moment, all I see are smiles and happiness from her and those around her. She’s ready to see the love of her life and promise to love each other forever (I’m a romantic, ok!) The second is the first look between the bride and her groom. This is the grooms first time seeing his love in a wedding dress. She’s nervous and excited, and so is he. The emotions that happen during that moment are always so powerful. I love, love and believe me, I always get emotional during those two special moments.

More About Vanessa:

What’s your go to Starbucks drink?

Does Starbucks serve wine yet? Totally kidding. I’m not a huge coffee drinker, so my go to Starbucks drink usually revolves around a tea/lemonade fusion.

What’s your favorite place to travel?

Did I mention that I’ve been to 22 countries? I spent a year of my life living in Europe and have to say that Italy is by far, hands down my favorite place. A close second has to be Paris! Coming soon, The Avancy Bridal Tuscan Experience *wink wink*

What’s your favorite TV Show/ Movie Couple?

I’ve 3 couples that I absolutely love. (I love, love remember? I can’t have just one): Marshall and Lily from How I Met Your Mother (Marshmallow and Lily Pad), Jim and Pam from The Office (Need I say more?), and Gomez and Morticia from The Adams Family (They’re utterly obsessed with each other)

When did you get married? What was your favorite thing about your wedding?

I got married on April 18, 2015. I loved everything about my wedding. I had a blast planning and a blast celebrating. What I love most about my wedding is that my husband and I tried our best to make it about US! We shared our love story with friends and family, we played our favorite music, ate our favorite foods and danced until we couldn’t dance anymore. We had such a fun time. The absolute best part is that I have a wonderful wedding film from Serendipity Cinematography that I can watch and relive my favorite day over and over again.

What are you doing when you’re not working at the boutique?

I’m always up to something. I love to read, watch movies and playing with my dog. I also love visiting my family, crafting and cooking.

Any other cool facts about you?

While I already mentioned that I traveled Europe for a year, my husband and I brought our puppy babe, Daisy along for the adventure. Any touristy photo we didn’t want to take, we made her take. Also, I am also fluent in Spanish and I love chocolate and wine. Ciao amigas, hasta luego.


Contact Vanessa to book your bridal appointment:
Avancy Bridal or by Phone: 623-414-8003.


Photos: Paige Lorin Photography