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Wedding Film Definitions

Shopping for a wedding cinematographer can be very confusing. There are all of these terms and different companies offer different things. It can be overwhelming… We have laid out for you different terms and told you what they mean as well as showing you samples of each type of film. This will help you determine the differences between what is being offered.

Wedding Movie Trailer

A Wedding Movie Trailer is a short film that is generally 2-3 minutes in length. It is a snapshot of the wedding day and gives a sneak peek of things to come. It is normally shown to the couple within 1 to 2 weeks of their wedding day.

Feature Film

A wedding Feature Film is a long form film generally 10-20 minutes in length that summarizes a couples wedding day from beginning to end. It is edited to music and it is customized to a couples needs. It has highlights from all of the major parts of the wedding day from the getting ready to the last major event of the night.

Documentary Style Film of the Ceremony

A Documentary Style Film is a specific part of a couples wedding day edited in full from beginning to end. So a Documentary Style Edit of a Ceremony means the couple gets to see their entire wedding ceremony edited from beginning to end. Other popular Documentary Style Edits include: Toasts, First Dances and Guest Well Wishes

Same Day Edit

A Same Day Edit is where we shoot and edit a Highlight Film to be aired at your wedding reception. The Same Day Edit is for couples who want a real WOW factor at their wedding reception.

Love Story

A Love Story is where a couple is interviewed a month before their wedding and we edit together a film to be aired at that event that talks about how they met, how they fell in love and the story of the proposal. This is great for couples who are having a larger wedding where many of the guests may not know how their relationship came to be.