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Wedding Film Tip: Water Is No Bueno For A Wedding Ceremony

I think I need to stop calling it a Wednesday Wedding Film tip because it never seems to be posted on Wednesdays these days….

Today’s tip revolves around the location of your Ceremony. I know it is natural to gravitate toward a waterfall or water fountain or other water feature as the backdrop of your wedding ceremony because of its beauty. I know the thought is “Won’t that backdrop make for the best pictures?”. Absolutely…. ┬áIt would be a great backdrop for PICTURES… But a wedding film… Not so much… Much of what we do revolves around audio and if you are standing in front of a babbling brook or a waterfall or water feature of any kind guess what suffers…. The audio of your wedding film and most importantly your wedding vows. There is nothing we can do to remove or minimize that sound. So if a wedding cinematographer and a wedding film is important to you consider that when selecting your ceremony location.