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Wedding Film Tip: Invest In Your Memories

I love the holidays but I always enjoy coming back and diving right back into work. I love the excitement that a new year brings. It’s a blank canvas full of possibilities and ideas. I am refreshed and ready to rock. Here is my first Wedding Film Tip of 2013 and it is coming to you from the future… Couples are focused on their wedding day. As far as they are concerned the world stops that day and ceases to exist after that. They spend hours, weeks, months planning this one event. There is no time to think of the future… They’ll worry about that later. Knowing what I know because I am in the wedding biz and having planned a wedding myself and now years later having children who are 7 and 5 the number one recommendation that I will make is to invest in your memories. When all of the food has been eaten and the champagne drunk the ONLY thing you have to show for this blessed event is your photos and your wedding film. That’s it. It’s the only record of those divine table linens and your fabulous decor. Your memories will show you people dancing and laughing and hugging and having the time of their life. They will give you your dads toast back and your mom zipping up your dress and your grooms look when he sees you for the first time. And a few years later you will be able to pass this gift along to your children and show them the day that you created your family. If I were getting married tomorrow I would put a solid chunk of my budget to my Photographer and Cinematographer to preserve these moments and memories that can never be recreated. Here’s to an awesome 2013 full of lots of new memories!!!