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One Of Our Own Is Getting Married!!!!

My little Sarah is getting married. It has been so fun to watch her progress through her relationship and watch her fall in love. I couldn’t be happier for her and can’t wait to see her walk through the journey of marriage.

So this is Sarah and Jeff’s Love Story. Below is Sarah’s perspective of her Love Story.

Isn’t it great to be in love?  One great part about my job is that I get to hear someone’s love story, capture it, and being able to present it to others so that everyone can have just a tiny glimpse of what it feels like to be madly and deeply in love with someone.  I’ve done a few Love Stories at my time here at Serendipity, but this one has been the most challenging.  Why?  Because this story is my own.

That’s right my friends – My own wedding is coming up fast, so Jeff Bills got together with our lead Cinematographer to shoot this Love Story for us while my Jeff was down visiting me in April!  I was able to edit together something that I feel really shows who Jeff and I are; I love the music, I love our interview, and I love the candid shots of us.

I could not be happier with the way it turned out.  It was really hard at first to edit myself (“Is that really what I sound like?”  “Why do I talk out of the side of my mouth like that?!”), but got easier the more I focused on the story, and not on myself.  And isn’t that the way any good relationship goes?  The less you focus on yourself the easier it becomes.  I’m SO happy to have this Love story – so that when hard times arise, I can always look back on it and remember why it was that I fell in love with this baby-faced man.

So in closing I would just like to say that I love Jeffrey.  He is the sweetest man that I know and takes care of me so well, and I can not wait to be with him for Eternity.  I just feel like the luckiest girl ever!!  I hope that as you watch this, you can feel a small bit of that love as well.