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Kimberly Jarman Photography Seniors Promo Film

Our dear “friendor” Kimberly Jarman Photography is an amazing Photographer. She has a real passion for shooting High School Seniors and decided that she wanted to dedicate part of her business to shooting Senior Portraits. Introducing Kimberly Jarman Seniors!! Now these are not the Senior Portraits of my day… My Senior Photo consists of me in a cap and gown with a fake rose in my mouth with my head resting on a reflection mirror. Uggghhhh!! Kimberly Jarman Photography shoots her Senior Photo Sessions in fields with piano’s. She takes a Seniors hobbies and develops an entire shoot around it. I admire her style because it is so edgy, fun and daring. She takes risks with her Photography and her images are spectacular because of it. So when she called us up asking if we could shoot a Promo Video for her new business venture we jumped at the chance. Jeff’s style is edgy and fun so him and Kim work beautifully together. It’s projects like these that allow you to really tap into those creative juices. Not only is it fun for us to shoot and edit but a promo video can really connect a potential client with you, your business and your style. EVERY vendor should have one. Congrats Kim on your new business venture. We know it will be a smashing success!!