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Taryn, Owner of Serendipity & Simply Cinema, had the opportunity to be featured on Your Jubilee’s Podcast. They started up their podcast in June of this year! Your Jubilee started this podcast, The Celebrated Life, because as they shared; they wanted a way to live their purpose of a celebrated life. They wanted to connect with more people and share how life is more than the big moments. They’re passionate about “celebrating the journey and not just the destination.”

On this episode Taryn opens up about how she started Serendipity and Simply Cinema. Two very successful Wedding Videography companies based in Arizona.

She also shares out her top pieces of advice for starting up a new successful business and about her and her son’s struggle with PANDAS. If you have not educated yourself about PANDAS, and want to know more head to:

Taryn is now at a point where she advocates for PANDAS and wants to help others with PANDAS and their family recognize the symptoms. She understands all the people that could be currently dealing with misdiagnosis, so she tries to share her story and open other’s eyes about it.

To Hear Taryn’s Episode:

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Taryn is so honored to be featured on this boss babe podcast and we can’t wait to listen to even more episodes! Make sure to subscribe if you’re interested in listening to amazing stories from local rock stars!

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Meet The Ladies of Serendipity Cinematography

Photo Credit: Leslie Ann Photography

Hi! It’s that time of year where our social media is blowing up with engagement rings and we are loving it! Now we have brides and grooms on the hunt for their perfect wedding vendors, we know it can be stressful, so we wanted to take a little time to introduce ourselves. Maybe we are the perfect videographer for you! We are Serendipity Cinematography! A group of super rad female videographers in the Phoenix area. {Who love to travel for destination weddings, might I add!} Who you hire on your wedding day can make or break your wedding day experience. Especially when it comes to who documents your wedding day memories. Hiring the right videographer to tell your love story will be the biggest decision you make. These women below tell the unique stories of our amazing and incredible couples, and create a life long memory to share with your friends, family, and future children.

We are a team of women! Which if you think about it, who better to tell the story of a wedding than a team of women? Girls just get weddings. We get what is keeping you up at night, we get being torn over two different linens that are basically the same shade, just slightly different textures. We understand the details you spent months pouring over. Us women understand the emotion of a wedding day and what is most important to capture. We get weddings, and treat every single one as if it were our own.

So meet a few of our lead videographers, editors, and our owner in our film below!
& If you’d like to get to know our individual videographers a little more, check us out here!




Last weekend Jeff and I got the email that every newlywed Serendipity couple looks forward to:

“Jeff and Sarah, Your Wedding Highlight Film is finished!!!”

Now I know what you’re thinking; “But Sarah, you’re a Serendipity editor! Are you saying that you didn’t edit your own Film?” No my friends, I did not.

You see, when I edit a project it is forever my project. Every time I watch it I see something more I could have done differently, or something that could be altered. I learned my lesson with our Love Story – I edited it, and now I don’t really ever want to watch it.

However, the beauty of Serendipity is that it’s not a one-man show.

Another great blessing is that we get to know our couples before and as we edit a Film. Sean, my lovely editor, obviously has known me for about two years now as we’ve worked together editing in the same studio, as well as shooting weddings together. However, there’s much in a relationship that you can’t explain to others – the funny things that come up or the inside jokes that you just can’t explain to someone else. However, such is his talent and skill that somehow Sean was able to put in all of our inside jokes and our favorite memories of the day. Windmill as our child’s name, me kissing his ring after our first look – these silly things and more are what made the day ours.

I was in tears at the end of our film, and I think Jeff was a little misty-eyed as well. The imagery, the lighting, the story, the family – Jeff was worried about his interview (like most people, he HATES seeing and hearing himself on camera), but we were both so surprised at how good we sounded, and how the interviews kept things moving along.

I know I’m a bit biased in my opinion that EVERYONE should have a wedding Film, but after getting this back, I am a straight-up advocate for it. Jeff didn’t care one way or the other about getting a Film, but after watching ours he was making a mental checklist of people he knew that were getting married that he was going to try and convince to get one.

Thank you Serendipity, for everything!! It could not have been more perfect! I hope you all enjoy it as much as we do!

Sarah + Jeff from Serendipity Cinematography on Vimeo.



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