Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain Destination Wedding

Wow! We have been extremely busy capturing some of the most incredible weddings here in Arizona. We have had so many destination weddings this season, it’s been so fun! It’s no joke when people say that Scottsdale and Tucson are becoming one of the biggest destination wedding locations! According to The Knot, Tucson, Arizona is number nine out of fifty!

Which leads us into this most stunning Marana wedding we captured last season! Marana is located just northwest of Tucson and has the most gorgeous Ritz Carlton hotel tucked away in the stunning mountains. Nicole and Jordan traveled from New York to have their dreamy cactus filled wedding right here in Arizona. The whole wedding was absolutely incredible. From Nicole’s three hair changes, to Jordan’s surprise for Nicole with her favorite Jewish singer, to the floral chandelier in reception, and the most white and bright ceremony set up. It was definitely one of our most favorite chuppah’s we’ve ever seen. The whole wedding was an absolute production and we loved every second of it. Enjoy these stunning images Elyse Hall captured (Check out this other dreamy wedding we captured along side her in Scottsdale, Arizona) and their most fun wedding trailer we had the opportunity to put together! Congrats again Nicole and Jordan, we are so beyond excited for you two!

How They Met:

Jordan had heard about Niki because he was going to his fraternity’s semi formal with a friend of his. He saw her in the library a few weeks later and she came over to speak with her friend, who happened to be at his table. He cracked some joke at her and that was when they first started speaking.

The Proposal:

Niki and Jordan were supposed to go to the Grand Canyon, which is where Jordan had expected to propose. Niki was with her family skiing in Colorado, and had been complaining about stomach issues for a week. When Jordan arrived in Arizona, Niki’s stomach pains were so bad that they had to take her to the hospital – it was there that they discovered Niki needed to have her gallbladder removed!

Jordan had a limited window where he could surprise Niki with a proposal. He had previously told her the ring wasn’t ready yet. A day after her surgery, she was on the road to recovery, and he told her that his dad had gotten her gallstone from the hospital. He presented the stone in a urine test cup to Niki, but inside was actually her ring! She instantly jumped up and started dancing, and said “yes” of course!






Vendors: Photographer: Elyse Hall Photography // Videographer: Serendipity Cinema // Venue: Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain // Planner: Table 6 Productions // Entertainment: Jordan Kahn Band // Florist: La Fleur // Rabbi: Rabbi Billy Lefkowitz // Hair + Makeup: Heather Van Houten // Dress: Monique Lhuillier



Arizona Biltmore Destination Wedding

When we showed up the morning of Kevin and Deanna’s wedding day we knew it would be such a fun day. Deanna is so animated and absolutely hilarious. Her eyes were filled with tears of joy and gratitude throughout the whole day. Especially when she opened her wedding gift from Kevin, the best part? She got Kevin the exact same thing not knowing what he was getting her!!

Kevin and Deanna chose not to have a first look. The nerves were super high for both of them walking into their classic church ceremony. As soon as they saw each other as Deanna was walking down the aisle, you could feel the nerves disappear and the love between them was so apparent.

Read more about their classic Arizona Biltmore wedding below along with their story!

the couple, proposal, and wedding:

How They Met:

Kevin and Deanna met online. Their first date was at Starbucks in their Arlington neighborhood of Clarendon, Virginia. They sat on a set of club chairs and ended up spending three hours together. They talked about anything and everything, trying to learn everything they could about one another. The funny part of the date was a random man on his laptop sitting across from them. He was actually apart of a good majority of their first date conversation.

The Proposal:

When the thought of being engaged entered their relationship, Deanna made it very clear to Kevin she did not want a public proposal – no crowds, no restaurants, nothing. Something just between the two of them, as a very private special moment. Well, Kevin doesn’t quite like listening to Deanna. (According to her) His original plan was to propose under the cherry blossom trees in DC where they live. Not so private, right? Well in March of 2016, they got hit with a very deep freeze that ruined the poor blossom trees.

Then of course, Kevin had a back up plan. This plan was to take Deanna to the Hirshorn Museum for an exhibit she needed to see. He complained the entire way to the museum, trying to make sure his surprise stayed a surprise. As they walked through the museum, they stopped in front of this insane orchid display. (Which happens to be Deanna’s favorite kind of flower)

He kissed her, told her how much he loved her, all while holding her face. Kevin then proceeded to get down on one knee and asked her to marry him! Deanna says it was amazing!!! Kevin will tell you Deanna just starred at him for 20 seconds while he was on his knee and didn’t give him a response.. but it was actually only five seconds Deanna says. (haha!) Best day of her life.. March 18th.

The Wedding:

The wedding day went flawlessly thanks to Jamie with Imoni Events. There was not one detail overlooked, and everything was absolutely stunning. The two tied the knot in St. Maria Gorgetti, which was very special to them as they play a big role in their church.

Deanna and Kevin are fairly classic in their style. They wanted a classic and glamorous day with a touch of sparkle. The Arizona Biltmore was the perfect venue for their vision. Along with gold linens, classic white floral arrangements, and dainty sparkle navy name cards. The whole reception came together perfectly.

Bridesmaids were rocking these floor length gold sequin dresses, while the guys sported the classic navy blue tux with gold vests and bow ties. The two ended the night eating lots of cake and dancing the night away as Kevin twirled Deanna around the dance floor. It was the perfect evening for the most perfect couple. Congratulations again to Mr. & Mrs. Youngquist. We feel so honored that we had the privilege to capture your day. We wish you all the best in your future adventures together!

Vendors: Videographer: Serendipity Cinema // Photographer: Jenn Wagner Studio // Venue: |ceremony| St. Maria Goretti Church + |reception| Arizona Biltmore // Coordinator: Imoni Events // Florals: The Flori Culture // Stationary: Wedding Paper Divas // Cake: Ruze Cake House // Dress: Nordstrom’s Bridal Suite // Dress Designer: Sareh Nouri // Shoes: Jimmy Choo // Hair + Makeup: Bridal 4 the Win // Tux: Neiman Marcus + Canali // Entertainment: The Walkens Band + Got You Covered



Meet The Ladies of Serendipity Cinematography

Photo Credit: Leslie Ann Photography

Hi! It’s that time of year where our social media is blowing up with engagement rings and we are loving it! Now we have brides and grooms on the hunt for their perfect wedding vendors, we know it can be stressful, so we wanted to take a little time to introduce ourselves. Maybe we are the perfect videographer for you! We are Serendipity Cinematography! A group of super rad female videographers in the Phoenix area. {Who love to travel for destination weddings, might I add!} Who you hire on your wedding day can make or break your wedding day experience. Especially when it comes to who documents your wedding day memories. Hiring the right videographer to tell your love story will be the biggest decision you make. These women below tell the unique stories of our amazing and incredible couples, and create a life long memory to share with your friends, family, and future children.

We are a team of women! Which if you think about it, who better to tell the story of a wedding than a team of women? Girls just get weddings. We get what is keeping you up at night, we get being torn over two different linens that are basically the same shade, just slightly different textures. We understand the details you spent months pouring over. Us women understand the emotion of a wedding day and what is most important to capture. We get weddings, and treat every single one as if it were our own.

So meet a few of our lead videographers, editors, and our owner in our film below!
& If you’d like to get to know our individual videographers a little more, check us out here!




How To Hire A Wedding Videographer

Photographer: Elyse Hall Photography

Most couples have never hired Wedding Videographer before, so they are not sure what they are looking for or what questions to ask to make sure that it will be everything they are dreaming it will be. Here is a little guide on how to select the right Wedding Videographer for you as a couple:


The first thing you need to identify with is the style of the videographer. Take a look at their website samples and review their blog. Ask to see films from the venue that you are getting married at, but don’t bypass that videographer if they haven’t filmed at your venue. That is often times a good thing because they see it as a blank canvas and it can stimulate creativity to be able to film at a new location. If you are finding yourself sending who you want to hire samples of other videographers work, then hire the videographer that you are sending samples of. If you are asking to change that videographers style then they aren’t the videographer for you.


It is really important to look at the experience of the company you are hiring. How many years have they been in business? How many wedding seasons have they gone through? Do they specialize in weddings or all video production? You want to work with a company who specializes in wedding films. Weddings are a very different production than commercial video production because they are live events. You can rewind the first kiss as a couple because your videographer wasn’t ready. We get one chance to get the shot, so live event experience is a must!


Who will be filming your wedding? Do they have a staff of videographers that are trained to film weddings or do they just hire freelancers to shoot the weddings booked? Be very aware of this. Freelancers can operate cameras just fine, but they may not be trained in filming weddings. Again weddings are live events and require a specific level of expertise and experience. It is important that your team of videographers is in sync that day and has experience with one another. You don’t want a couple of random hires to film your once in a life time event.


The offering of packages with one camera and one videographer is never a good thing. Do not purchase this despite the temptation of the low price. It is very dangerous for your wedding film for so many reasons. When you do this you truly are selling you, and your wedding film short.

  1. What if something happens to the one camera they are filming on? Then what? All filming stops while they figure out a solution?
  2.  What if something happens to the one card they are recording on? If your wedding is filmed with one camera and one data card and the card fails… then what? Your whole day that was filmed is lost and can never be recovered.
  3. So much is missed when filmed by one person because they can’t be in two places at once. Getting ready of the couple, cocktail hour and reception detail coverage, both reactions during the first look, and so much more.
  4. You only get one angle of everything..


Who will you be working with throughout the process? Are you working with a sales person who just sells you on the service and passes you off? Will you be working with the owner or have access to the owner should the sales person leave? Your wedding film is a very important investment. Who is servicing you and how they are servicing you is of utmost priority.



You truly get what you pay for with wedding videography. There are a lot of low cost providers flooding the marketplace with some very cheap packages. A quality wedding film is definitely something worth investing in. If a company is significantly less than others in the marketplace, there is a reason why. You need to look long and hard at their product and what your experience will be like with them. Quality wedding videography is not cheap and owning a wedding videography company is not cheap. There is a reason the pricing is the way it is for a legitimate company that may cost more. You need to be concerned about the low cost providers, and their ability to still be in business by the time your wedding comes if the price point is so low.



You need to look at the meat and potatoes of the collection or package you are purchasing. There are many things that videographers offer to make a collection or package look like you are getting so much, that is truly of no value to you. For example the raw footage; everything that is usable is going to be in your film, trust us, you do not want the raw footage. When you get the raw footage there isn’t a mountain of memories that was missed because if it was good, it would have made it into the film. Almost all of the raw footage that didn’t make the film is generally because it was a practice shot and then also out of focus stuff. There is no value to that, plus are you ever going to really look at hours of footage? What would you do with it? What matters most is what is going to be delivered and these are what you need to be asking for:

  1. How many hours of videography am I getting?
  2. How long is the Feature Film going to be?
  3. Am I going to receive a Wedding Movie Trailer?
  4. How many videographers will be at my wedding?
  5. How many cameras will the videographers be filming with?


How the company delivers a finished wedding film is important. Are they delivering on old outdated technology like DVD’s and Blu Ray’s? Those are both dying technologies that in a few years won’t be around. Asking for a DVD is like asking for music on a cassette tape or CD. Everything is going towards streaming, downloadable films, or URL based delivery methods. These are how you should be delivered your film at this point.

Overall we want your wedding videography experience to be all that it should be! Check out our blog and feel free to email us if you’re looking for a wedding we filmed at your venue, to see our style. We would love to capture your special day and we are looking forward to hearing from you!
Happy wedding planning!


Vendors: Videographer: Serendipity Cinematography // Photographer: Elyse Hall Photography // Planning: Revel Wedding Co. // Venue: Arizona Biltmore // Florist: Carte Blanche // Linens: La Tavola // DJ: Desert House Productions // Officiant: Father Gary Regula // Hair & Makeup: Heather Van Houten // Invitations: Celebrations in Paper // Dress: Lillian Lottie {custom design}



Romantic El Chorro Wedding

Umm.. wow. What else can we say? This wedding was a dream to capture from the stunning Kleinfeld gown the bride Elise wore so elegantly, to the florals from Petal Pusher, to the endearing speech from the Groom’s brother. It was simply a dream (I know we keep saying that!). We kept having to pinch ourselves to see if it was actually real. A sneak into their day through their wedding trailer is below.

the couple, proposal, and wedding:

How They Met:

Reed & Elise met at the University of Michigan their freshmen year. It was through Elise‘s sorority and Reed’s fraternity where they met. They lived in the same student dormitory, Bursley Hall, as well. After three years of friendship, Reed & Elise started dating their Senior year of college and it took off from there!

The Proposal:

Reed proposed in their New York City apartment on May 5, 2016. He taped plane tickets on the door to the apartment. When Elise came home she saw the tickets, walked in the door. and asked what they were about. Right in that moment Reed got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

The tickets were for a surprise weekend trip to Quebec City, Canada to celebrate the proposal. After the proposal, and before Quebec, a private chef came to their apartment and cooked them dinner. Then Reed & Elise’s siblings and their significant others came over for dessert to join in on the celebration.

The Wedding:

Reed & Elise’s wedding was not only filled with elegant chandeliers, florals around every corner, and glitter everywhere. It was filled with true deep love by Reed and Elise and all their closest friends and family. Everyone there confirmed what they already knew, and that was that they were completely made for each other.

As Elise walked down the aisle towards Reed, tears filled both their eyes. They knew they were about to embark on this incredible new journey together. It was such an amazing day and we feel oh so honored to be the ones to capture it. Knowing in years to come children and grandchildren will see this film and feel the love between the two of them. Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Dodenhoff! May your journey be filled with adventure and all the love the world can give you!


Vendors: Videographer: Serendipity Cinema // Photographer: Elyse Hall Photography // Planning + Design: Some Like It Classic // Venue: El Chorro // Florist: Petal Pushers // Hair + Makeup: Makeup Collective // Entertainment: |Ceremony| The Encore Quartet + |Reception| Sapphire Sky Live // Deserts: A Bake Shop // Photo Booth: Glam Booths // Stationary: Idieh Design // Rentals: Classic Party Rentals // Linens: La Tavola Linens // Wedding Dress: Kleinfeld Bridal




Did you love this El Chorro Wedding? Check out another stunning wedding we shot at El Chorro with a totally different vibe here!



Four Seasons Resort Destination Wedding

So many people ask us if we do destination weddings, and the answer is YES! But a lot of times we do them right here in Arizona. Scottsdale is a huge spot for destination weddings and the Four Seasons Resort does not disappoint. The stunning views will be sure to capture your out of town guests attention.  But, if you’re getting married at the beach, in the Colorado mountains, or an adventurous location we would be sure to follow you anywhere!

Eric and Taylor chose the perfect spot for their destination wedding right here in Arizona and we are so excited to share this beauty with you now!

the couple, proposal, and wedding:

How They Met:

Eric met Taylor in February 2012 at a birthday party in New York City, and he was able to grab her phone number before the end of the night. Unfortunately, when Eric called to ask Taylor out on a date a few days later, she said no, citing extensive work travel out of the country.

Fast forward a few months to when their mutual friend “re-introduced” them. This time, there wouldn’t be another “no”. In fact, Taylor was the one to ask Eric out for a beer AND scored herself an invite to a group dinner that night. The rest as they say, was history.

The Proposal:

On August 4th, 2016 Eric proposed! Nervous and anxious, Eric took Taylor for a walk along the Hudson River in New York City, a place that holds a lot of meaning to the happy couple. It is where they met, and where they shared their first apartment together.

There was a lot of planning involved, but also lots of worry that someway, somehow Taylor, being so perceptive, would think something was up. Walking along the water, a place where Eric and Taylor have gone on hundreds of walks and runs together, Eric got down on one knee. Surprised and emotional, she said “Yes!”. Success! They were so happy their families could be there to celebrate with them at Palma restaurant later that evening in New York City.

The Wedding:

From the blush bridal details, to the special penny sewn into Eric’s tie, and their sweet pup that came to steal the spotlight in a few photos. The day was absolutely perfect in every way. Eric and Taylor did such an amazing job making sure not one detail was overlooked, and that everything had such a special meaning to them as a couple making it even more special to capture.

We feel so lucky to have had the pleasure of capturing the happiest day of your life Eric and Taylor! Congratulations!! We hope you two have a lifetime full of love, happiness, and puppy kisses!

Vendors: Videographer: Serendipity Cinematography // Photographer: Andrew & Jade Photography // Venue: Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale // Planning: Sip and Twirl Weddings // Florals + Decor: The Flower Studio // Rentals: Prim Rentals + Glamour & Woods // Hair + Makeup: Makiaj Beauty // Dress Designer: Monique Lhuillier // Tux: Celebrity Tux & Tails // Stationary: Deb Penrice // Entertainment: |ceremony| Miguel De Maria + |reception| Sapphire Sky // Beer Burro: Haul N Ass Productions



Modern El Chorro Wedding

Hey there! It’s been a little while… We have been so busy wrapping up wedding season and getting some amazing wedding trailers sent to our incredible couples, we haven’t been around here too much. But summer is for catching up on all this pretty we have been capturing and we are so excited to kick it off with this beauty! We are sharing some fun modern vibes with you from Doug and Whitney’s emerald and gold wedding, right now!

the couple, proposal, & wedding:

How They Met:

Doug and Whitney met at work; they both work in the medical field. Doug and Whitney both thought the other was dating someone when they first met for quite some time. Before Whitney left to go back to Houston for Christmas she was sitting next to Doug at work and he was talking to his sister about “projector” Christmas lights… or what he likes to call “lazy man Christmas lights”. She had no idea what they were, but when she went to Houston she saw a house with them and text him a picture. Well the conversations never stopped and the rest is history.


The Proposal:

Doug was planning a surprise dinner for Whitney for her birthday and their one year anniversary. She had no idea where they were going, and ended up at the Sanctuary for dinner. As they were sat for dinner the waiter asked what they would like to drink and said something along the lines of, “since you are guests here at the hotel.” Whitney had no idea this was turning into a staycation and the waiter totally spoiled that surprise! Whitney laughs about it to this day.

Once they finished their dinner, Doug wanted to walk Whitney to their room. Before getting to the room he stopped at this look out point over looking the valley which was absolutely breath taking to both Doug and Whitney. They sat there for a few minutes, and that’s when Doug proposed. They both still don’t remember what he said, but it was such a perfect moment for the two of them. After the proposal they went to their room where they had a nice bottle of champagne waiting to be popped and celebrate!

After a sip of champagne in the room, a driver came to pick them both up for another surprise. He drove them to the W Hotel in Scottsdale where all their friends and family were waiting for them. Doug had contacted Whitney’s family who don’t live in town and told them he was surprising her for her birthday and they had to be there, but no one knew this was going to be a birthday and engagement party. They walked in and everyone was singing “Happy Birthday” to Whitney. Her cousin saw her engagement ring and started screaming. The rest of the night was perfect and incredible sharing the moment with family and close friends.


The Wedding:

Doug and Whitney’s wedding was so much fun! The morning started out in the El Chorro bridal suite with Whitney and her five gorgeous bridesmaids all in stunning sequin black dresses. Her mom and maid of honor helped Whitney get into her whimsical Mira Zwillinger bridal gown. The ceremony was full of pure love and commitment as they said their vows to one another and then transitioned into the most epic dance party.

It wasn’t your typical reception set up, in fact they had their reception space filled with fun lounge furniture and tables. (Ahhh! Such a fun thing to capture for us!) It was a huge party all night, and the whole wedding perfectly replicated their personalities. Their sweet enduring love for one another, and the spontaneous fun side as well. We loved capturing their first few moments as husband and wife and couldn’t feel more honored. Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Werner, we wish you a lifetime of happiness and good times.


















































Vendors: Videographer: Serendipity Cinematography // Photographer: Elyse Hall Photography // Venue: El Chorro // Planning + Design: Some Like It Classic // Florist: Petal Pusher // Entertainment: |Ceremony| The Encore Quartet + |Reception| Treja Vu Band // Deserts: A Bake Shop // Rentals: Classic Party Rentals + Nolan Haus + Prim Rentals // Linens: La Tavola Linen // Makeup: Ashley Nicole // Hair: Keith Russel // Stationary: Celebrations in Paper // Dress: Mira Zwillinger // Ice Sculpture: Armitage Ice LLC // Photo Booth: Glam Booths 



The Five Best Gifts for Your Newly Engaged BFF

Looking for something fun and useful to gift your newly engaged best friend? We have linked five unique gifts that she will love and be sure to get you some major BFF points! Be sure to comment on this post to let us know if you grabbed any of these.


Wine Glass, Coffee Mug, & Ring Dish Bundle:

How stinkin’ cute is this bundle of goodies with your besties new last name!? She will be sure to use all of these items; coffee mug for the early morning wedding planning days, and a wine glass for those late nights. Then a pretty little ring dish to hold her new bling! We love this and its under $40.


Girlfriend Fiancee Shirt:

Okay, this is a definite winner! Your BFF could rock this on the weekend, at her bachelorette party, or even the weekend of the wedding! It comes in a few different colors, but blush is always a favorite of ours.

Mrs. Bangle:

We love this Mrs. bangle we found on Etsy. It is super settle and a sweet reminder of what is to come. You can customize it with her wedding date and swarovski crystal birthstone or wedding pearl.


Engagement Gift Box:

This is AMAZING! Not only a little something for your best friend, but also a little something for her new Mr. This adorable box is packed with goodies: champagne flutes, a ring dish, a customized labeled candle, a gold foil bride shirt, and two vow books. The packaging is super cute too!

Erin Condren Wedding Planner:

Erin Condren is known for her super adorable and customized life planners. This planner is specifically for all the newly engaged fiancee’s out there who like to stay organized. It includes everything from budgeting, to vendor contacts, bridal party info, and a full calendar for 12 or 24 months. Your best friend will love this gift and it is surely to get used!



Fairytale Desert Mountain Wedding | Arizona Videographer

When we walked into the bridal suite the morning of Jake & Jordan’s wedding and saw her Hayley Paige dress hanging so delicately on the wooden doors, we knew it was going to be such a beautiful day. Jordan had this energy about her, and the love she had for Jake was undeniable. She knew he was the one and there were no doubts about it. The connection and love these two share for one another is so deep, we felt so honored capturing their special day. Read more about how they met, the proposal, and wedding details below:

The Couple, Proposal, & Wedding:

How They Met:

Jake and Jordan met at a San Diego State University Event. Jordan was on the dance team and Jake recently transferred from University of Oregon to play football. That evening at the event, Jake asked another player on the team if Jordan was single. After the event everyone gathered for food and mingling. Jake decided to make a move and stole the pom poms right out of Jordan’s hand’s. He started dancing around with them and got her number shortly after. That night Jake basically made a huge scene in front of both teams, but it stole Jordan’s heart right away! So we would say it was worth it!

The Proposal:

This day took place in St. Helena, a sleepy town in Napa Valley were Jake and Jordan lived for a short period of time. That morning, Jake left a bag of breakfast, fresh flowers, and a handmade book with instructions for the entire day on their bed. He first sent Jordan to the local coffee shop where he pre-paid for her order and told her to also get a sugary pastry. Which he knew she would have never ordered before. After Jordan finished eating her sweet treat and enjoyed the morning at the coffee shop, Jake had her go to the firehouse where he worked. Once she arrived here he had her write in this small bible that he kept in his jacket to always keep him safe.

In his jacket, Jake also left her some money with another note and told her to go buy an outfit for the night and to be ready by 4:00 PM. She drove to the town of Napa and picked out a dress. Then drove back to their home and got ready for the rest of the evening. Jake picked up Jordan that evening from their home and drove her to Trinchero Family Estates. They entered the estates from the back and walked down these steps to a beautiful grassy area with romantic string lights overhead. Their view was of the gorgeous Mount St. Helena.

Once they settled in Jake spoke some words and then said, “before I ask you a question I have one more surprise.” Jordan’s best friend, who is also a photographer, popped out of the bushes! Jordan couldnt believe it. Jake then got down on one knee and proposed to Jordan! They all got to celebrate at the winery and take pictures in the library. After photos, they continued the celebration at a local restaurant with amazing food and ended the night with ice cream shakes.

The Wedding:

Jake & Jordan’s wedding is one that will be stuck in our head for years to come! Their bridal party was very intimate and perfect for the two of them! They each had their one very best friend stand next to them that made up their bridal party, Jake’s son was his Best Man and Jordan’s best friend Caroline was her Maid of Honor. Jake and Jordan opted out of a first look and we just loved their alternative. They decided to meet next to a wall and join hands as a way to ease the nerves. It was the sweetest moment as they swapped letters and smiles radiated from the two of them.

The Desert Mountain Venue was the perfect location with the most stunning backdrop for Jake and Jordan’s bridal portraits, check out their sweet photos from Jennifer Bowen below (and their wedding trailer by us of course!) The decor was simple, yet elegant, with eucalyptus leaves, blush spray roses, and mixed metal accents. They ended the night with the most epic dance party and a sparkler exit straight out of a fairy tale as Jordan ran with her Hayley Paige dress flowing in the wind. We wish we could relive their wedding day every weekend!





Vendors: Videographer: Serendipity Cinematography // Photographer: Jennifer Bowen Photography // Wedding Planner: Sip & Twirl // Venue: Desert Mountain // DJ: DJ Ramsey // Florist: Fiori Floral // Linens: Classic Party & Event Rentals // Officiant: Matt Nathanson // Hair: Makiaj // Invites: Brush + Nib // Dress Designer: Hayley Paige



When we saw that Ultra Violet was the Pantone Color of the Year we were so excited to see what gorgeousness our incredibly talented wedding planners would come up with this year. If you’re a purple loving bride then get ready for some amazing inspiration that we have been seeing around the internet. This purple shade is perfect for a simple backyard wedding, but can also be dressed up to dazzle your guests in a one of a kind high class venue.

Start your wedding planning with some inspo from this fun
bright modern wedding we had the honor of capturing:



Heidi did a fab job adding in Violet through foil & florals in photos.
Love how settle this is but also it gives those pieces a fun pop!

(This bride designed & created her wedding invites on her own! Check her out: Idieh Design

The Bride:

The Groom:


Don’t want to have an overpowering violet dress?
Have them in black with bright colored florals; we love the way they pop!

Bridal Bouquet:





Something Fun:

Violet smoke bombs are always a “Yes!” in our book!

Wanna see this gorgeous wedding in action? Check out their Same Day Edit Wedding Trailer:

Did these gorgeous photos & wedding film give you inspiration for your own wedding? Leave us a comment below to let us know if you are going to be using the Pantone Color of the Year, Violet, in your wedding this year!

Vendors: Photography: Amy & Jordan Photography // Videography: Serendipity Cinematography // Day of Coordination: Outstanding Occasions // Florist: AZ Petal Pushers // Venue: El Chorro // Cake: Ruze Cake House // Desert  Bar: A Bakeshop // Brides Shoes: Badgley Mischka // Brides Dress: Hayley Paige // Grooms Tux: Calvin Klein // Hair Stylist: Erin Fink // Makeup: SN Makeup Artist // Invitations + Paper Products: Idieh Designs



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