Fabulously Elegant Wedding at Pelican Hill | Videographer Phoenix

Fabulously Elegant Wedding at Pelican Hill | Videographer Phoenix

Fabulously Elegant Wedding at Pelican Hill

There is no doubt that this wedding was one of the most fabulous, stunning and elegant weddings we have had the pleasure of documenting.

How They Met

Diana and Shigeki met online and their first date was in New York City. They both were very excited to meet, and hit it off right from the beginning! What started off as a sushi dinner, quickly turned into a late-night lounge date and ended with a horse drawn carriage ride through Central Park.

These two love to travel together and turned their courting into an “around the world trip”.  It was on the first part of this trip however that Shigeki knew he must make Diana his. Shigeki proposed in the Maldives which was super romantic. He had a table for dinner set up with a flower canopy and wall, that was set up on the sandy beach looking out onto the sunset.

The Wedding

Diana’s gown was a custom, one of a kind gown that is so spectacular you almost can’t stop looking at it. Believe it or not, this gown was just one of three dresses that she wore that day.  Another detail you can’t stop drooling over is the floral.  It starts with what seemed like millions of petals down the aisle, that lead up to a fabulously decorated rotunda with floral that adorn the drapery. Just as you get over the floral, you can start to take in the ocean backdrop with the rolling golf course of endless green.

Though the wedding was massive in details, one thing we loved was how intimate it felt. You could tell that the guests were all close friends and family of the bride and groom and they all truly supported and were excited for the happy couple.  The vision for the day was to have a fabulously elegant wedding that was in gorgeous setting.

Wedding Trailer

Wedding Highlight Film

Venue: The Resort at Pelican Hill

Dress: Galia Lahav

Floral: Bloom Box

Photography: Lin & Jarsa Photography 

Linen: La Tavola Linen

Planner: Michelle Yang Weita

Videographer Phoenix


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Meet The Ladies Of Serendipity | Videographer Phoenix

Meet The Ladies Of Serendipity | Videographer Phoenix

Meet The Ladies Of Serendipity | Videographer Phoenix

It’s that time of year where your Facebook and Instagram feed is blowing up with engagement rings. Now that you have the rock it is time to start planning! It can be so overwhelming, there are so many vendors, where do you start? How do you choose?

Who you hire on your wedding day can make or break your wedding day experience. Not to add to the stress, but its true! Especially when it comes to who is in charge of documenting your memories. Hiring the right wedding videographer to tell your wedding day story will be one of the most important choices you make that day.

We want to introduce you to the girls of Serendipity. These woman day in and day out tell the stories of our couples and create a life long memory of your wedding day for you to share with family and friends.

Who we are:

Can you tell what is so different about Team Serendipity?? We are mostly a team of ladies! Which if you think about it, who better to tell the story of a wedding than a team of women.

Girls just get weddings.
1. We get what is keeping you up at night.
2. We get being torn over two different linens that are basically the same shade just slightly different textures.
3. We understand the details you spent months pouring over.
4. And we get the emotion of a wedding day and what is most important to capture.

We don’t see your wedding in generalities, we see the details, the moments and will capture each and every one of those. Here are the women of Serendipity and listen to what they love about telling your wedding day story. We want to share with you some of our favorite wedding moments that we captured from this past wedding season.

We LOVE weddings and we LOVE love… And we would LOVE to document your love.


Videographer Phoenix



Endless Love Wedding at The W Scottsdale | Videographer Phoenix

Endless Love Wedding at The W Scottsdale | Videographer Phoenix

This wedding was so spectacular; we are not even sure where to start! Our jaws dropped when we saw the ceremony site. To have a floating walkway over the water is so unique and breathtaking. What an awesome isle to walk down as a bride.

Everything about this wedding just screams classic, romantic and glam all at the same time. We think the all white color pallet in the floral is spot on with the look and feel they were going for, which is eternal love.

How They Met:

They worked in the same retail industry, Krystle as a buyer and Bourzoo as a clothing designer. What started as a friendship, quickly turned into so much more. They soon learned that they wanted to be together forever.

The Proposal:

The proposal of course was nothing short of amazing as well. Bourzoo tricked Krystle into thinking he was going on a business trip, and that she was invited. It was supposed to be someplace in Canada that was very cool and she had never been so she was very excited.

Bourzoo also told Krystle that since it was a quick and last minute trip he asked his friend if he could use his private plane. They arrived at the airport and quickly made their way to the plane.

Krystle stepped on first – and to her surprise her parents were sitting there on the plane! Her parents then told Krystle to turn around and as she did Bo walked on to the plane and dropped to his knee. She says it was the best moment of her life! They took the plane to Maine and met Bourzoo’s parents have weekend getaway for us and our parents to celebrate! He totally blew her away, and of course she said yes!

Wedding Planner: Imoni Events
Venue: The W Hotel Scottsdale
Photographer: Andrew and Jade Photography 
Entertainment: Boom Squad
Florist: Petal Pusher
Invitations: Minted

Videographer Phoenix



Kelsi + Kohl - Videographer Phoenix

Kelsi + Kohl – Videographer Phoenix

A Wedding Film is FIRST thing cut from the wedding budget yet the #1 REGRET a couple has after a wedding if they decided not to get one. The very thought of a couple not having a wedding film documenting their wedding day makes me beyond sad. So many moments and memories lost… So here is my pitch… Take what you like and leave the rest.

1. Who is at your wedding sadly may not be here 10 years from now. Over my 9 years in business I have had 7 couples lose someone unexpectedly after the wedding. Many of those couples that was the last time they ever saw that person and heard their voice was on their wedding day. Can you even imagine not hearing your mom’s words to you as she zipped you into your dress? Or your dad’s toast to you on your wedding day? Or what your groom says to you the moment he first sees you in your dress. Lost, lost and lost if you opt out of a wedding film. I hate to be morbid but it is a truth. Document the say… No matter the curve balls life throws us you will be so glad to have a video record of those who were with you that day.

Amiee + Eric -Videographer Phoenix

Amiee + Eric -Videographer Phoenix

2. Of course you are going to have a Photographer on your wedding day. But Photos and a Wedding Film go hand and hand. A Photographer will give you snapshots of moments. We will give you the sound and motion from those moments. Together we are your memory team giving you multiple facets and angles of the day. I have NEVER had a couple say to me that they had too many memories of their wedding day… As soon as people find out what I do for a living inevitably the ones who didn’t have a cinematographer at their wedding ALWAYS say to me “That was our biggest regret.. I so wish we had a wedding film. We decided against it and I wish we hadn’t”. I have NEVER had someone say to me “I wish we didn’t invest in a wedding film” even if it wasn’t a great film they are still glad they have it.

3. The day goes sooooooo fast. The morning after your wedding you will discuss with your spouse how amazing it was and you will both agree that it went by lightening fast. And if you decided to invest in a wedding film you will have a sense of peace in knowing that you have that memory forever but also that you will soon get to re-live that day when the film is finished. We will show you in your film parts of the day that you never knew existed. You will get to see your day from a completely different angle. You will get to re-live it like it is brand new again and that is priceless.

Aashli + Denny - Videographer Phoenix

Aashli + Denny – Videographer Phoenix

4. You will want this memory if you decide to have a family. While it may not be on the radar now having a family might be in the picture one day and you will regret deeply not being able to share the day of your wedding with your future children. They will want to see what life was like before they came along.

Diana + Shigeki - Videographer Phoenix

Diana + Shigeki – Videographer Phoenix

5.  In this day and age with all of the technology it just makes sense. Wedding films can now be easily shared with family and friends. You want those that attended and those that couldn’t to be able to share in the memories. Wedding films are nothing like they used to be. They are high quality productions now. They are a customized story of your wedding day and they are fabulous and a MUST HAVE in your wedding budget.

Wedding Videographer Phoenix



Simple Modern - The Secret Garden | Videographer Phoenix

Simple Modern – The Secret Garden | Videographer Phoenix

We adore when couples write their own vows. To us, it gives outsiders a peak into the couple’s relationship. When we heard Caroline and Skyler’s vows, we knew they were something to share.

“Skyler, as I write this for you, I am overwhelmed that I finally get to be your wife. As your wife, I pray that I can please God and be the backbone to our family and our relationship.” – Caroline

“Every good and perfect gift comes from above. Caroline, you are truly a gift from God and I promise to spend the rest of my life treating you as such. “- Skyler
Caroline and Skyler met at a tanning salon that Caroline used to work at just out of high school.  Skyler used to come in with his friends because they thought it was cool. Believe it or not, it took about 7 months before Caroline finally gave him her number. Caroline also soon discovered that they had a mutual group of friends. She mentioned to one of those mutual friends to have Skyler text her and he ended up showing up to the salon 30 minutes later. When he showed up, Caroline playfully asked him if he would be her boyfriend for the weekend, by Sunday he asked her to be his girlfriend for life.

Caroline and Skyler had been together for 8 years when he finally decided it was time to pop the question. The two had just gotten back from the gym, and Caroline was about to shower when Skyler called her into the kitchen. As she turned the corner, Skyler was on one knee and he asked me to marry him! Caroline said it was perfect.

Like the proposal, their wedding was simple, modern, and perfect as well.

Venue: Secret Garden Event Center
Photographer: Ashley Rae Photography
Entertainment: Infinity DJ
Florist: Garden Gate Flowers
Linens: Southwick Linens

Videographer Phoenix


Rustic Elegance - Sky Ranch Lodge | Videographer Phoenix

Rustic Elegance – Sky Ranch Lodge | Videographer Phoenix

Jeff and Courtnie, who now spend most of their free time together with their adorable dogs, were introduced by mutual friends after an Arizona State football game.

Both of them were skeptical as neither of Jeff or Courtnie were looking for a relationship and didn’t expect anything to come of that night. Later that evening, they were introduced at a bar called Robbie Fox’s and the connection was undeniable. From that day forward, these two have been inseparable.

Courtnie and Jeff have made a few trips to Southern California during their relationship and have grown very fond of that area. The beach, the sunsets, the cool weather, what isn’t to like?

Jeff had been holding on to the ring for a little over a month, waiting for the perfect time to surprise Courtnie with a weekend away without it being too obvious. Courtnie is a teacher and they headed to the beach, as celebration of her finishing another school year.

On the night of the proposal, Jeff told Courtnie they should head to a nice dinner. They got there early so they went to the cliffs of the nearby beach and started watching the sunset. That is when Jeff got down on one knee and popped the question. They even have the sand from that beach in a bottle that sits on a shelf in our living room to this day.

Venue: Sky Ranch Lodge
Photographer: Alissa Melody
Entertainment: Downtown Browne Productions
Florist: Sedona Fine Art of Flowers
Linens/ Rentals: Verve Rentals
Officiant: Russ Ikeda
Invitations: Minted

Videographer Phoenix



Videographer Phoenix Rustic Romance Wedding

Videographer Phoenix Rustic Romance Wedding

It all began with a misunderstood Fedora and one epic life changing Spring Break vacation to Rocky Point, Mexico.

For over a decade, Casey and Lindsay lived just twenty-one miles from one another … a short thirty-nine minute drive to be exact. But it took traveling over 250 miles for the soon to be “Mr. & Mrs. Clark” to finally cross paths. But, we are getting ahead of ourselves a bit now, aren’t we? First, let’s set the scene:

Casey and Lindsay joined the University of Arizona’s Wildcat family in 2009. Both wanting to get involved, they became members of Greek life at UA. Casey joined Beta Theta Pi and Lindsay found her home away from home with the “sweet and sassy, extra classy” Chi Omega’s.

Now, let’s fast-forward to their sophomore year- Spring Break to be exact. In a life-changing twist of fate moment, both Casey and Lindsay found themselves in Rocky Point, Mexico. While soaking up the sunshine, Taylor, one of Lindsay’s amazing sorority sisters, spotted Max, one of Casey’s awesome fraternity brothers with whom she happened to know. With the promise of free *cough* water *cough* on the horizon, Lindsay and her friends made their way to the “guys” room.

It was then, that Casey and Lindsay first spotted one another. It was love at first sight…. everyone else faded away…. as Taylor Swift’s “Love Song” began playing in the background … and then Casey, the ever romantic, professed his undying love by saying…. “Why are you wearing that hat?”

You see, Lindsay was wearing an immensely fashionable and totally adorable fedora hat (that of which she still owns and proudly wears). Casey didn’t appreciate this very misunderstood fedora at the time. And okay, so maybe it wasn’t totally love at first… hat. But once that fashionable item was removed, the sparks sure did fly. Casey’s comment fueled a heated discussion about fashion and the finer points of proper sun protection, which then led to discussions about their family, friends, interests, and life.

Six years later, Casey and Lindsay are blessed to now share one life as partners and best friends. Casey has even discovered a newfound respect for that once misunderstood fedora. In fact, he now claims that it has become one of his favorite things that Lindsay owns, as it got him the girl, ultimately accomplishing his master plan after all.

Casey popped the question in Sedona, Arizona in September of 2015. He surprised Lindsay with a pre-dinner stroll to Cathedral Rock, a spot where five years earlier Casey had surprised his wife to be with an impromptu photo-shoot to celebrate their one year anniversary. Casey got down on one knee and asked Lindsay to become his wife. She obviously said “Yes”! They then shared another impromptu photo-shoot shot by the same photographer that has taken their photos five years earlier

Casey & Lindsay couldn’t wait to get married in the same town that they not only visited each year to celebrate their anniversary, but also in the same town that they decided to spend forever together.

Planner: Simply Elegant Events

Venue: L’auberge de sedona

Photographer: Amy & Jordan

Entertainment: Satyr Entertainment

Florist: EventsbyShowstoppers

Invitations: Brie Dumais Designs


Videographer Phoenix



Videographer Phoenix Love & Happiness Wedding

Videographer Phoenix Love & Happiness Wedding

Aimee and Erik met in the fall of 2013 at the internet company, Cloudera’s San Francisco office. He was drawn in by her laugh, and as soon as he laid eyes on her, he knew he needed to know who she was. They had no idea at the time, that this would be the start of something special. This adventurous and outgoing couple connected quickly over a shared passion for country music.

Erik knew Aimee was someone that he wanted to spend more time with…. all he had to do was break through Aimee’s rule of not dating co-workers. Erik started small, asking Aimee to coffee, and after about 3 months of failed attempts finally got her to commit to dinner. It was actually Aimee’s mother who encouraged her to take a chance! Good job mom!

On their first date, Aimee challenged Erik to a dance off and he learned quickly that Aimee is not one to try to beat on the dance floor. They took a break and went outside for a moment which happened to be when they shared their first kiss on the sidewalk. They both laughed in excitement and knew that they didn’t even need a first date to fall in love.

Erik purposed on a rainy day in San Francisco. Erik had planned ahead and asked two of their good friends to come into the city and meet at a “new restaurant” (Aimee had no idea there was no real restaurant). As soon as their friends arrived, the rain stopped and Alex suggested everyone take a walk down to the Palace of Fine Arts. Once they arrived arrived at the Palace, their friend Alex asked the Erik and Amiee if we could all walk around and get some pictures… Erik handed Alex his phone and asked him if he could get one of him and Aimee. Aimee (having lived a block away when she first moved to SF) didn’t understand why they would want a photo, but when she turned to her right Erik was down on one knee!

Team of Wedding Pro’s

Wedding Planner: A Day to Cherish Weddings

Venue: El Chorro

Photographer: Ryan Nicole

Entertainment: The Walkens Band

Florist: Carte Blanche Floral

Linens: La Tavola Linen

Videographer Phoenix



Videographer Phoenix Sarah and Lou

Videographer Phoenix Boho Glam Wedding

Talk about a dreamy beach wedding! It all started when Sarah and Louie met on a beautiful night out in Hollywood, California. They were both spending the night dancing away with friends at the nightclub Lure with no idea how the night would unfold. Little did they know how fitting the name of the club would turn to be. Louie spotted the most beautiful girl he had ever seen across the dance floor and there was an instant magnetism between them.

They spent the rest of the night dancing and talking, laughing and flirting. As the amazing night came to a close, Sarah got into a cab with a friend. As she looked back, she saw Louie waving her off as the car drove away. Louie went home and immediately knew “This one is trouble”.

Louie and Sarah went on an official first date a couple days later. The rest is pretty much a fairytale.

What usually is only seen on a movie screen, happened in real life for Sarah and Louie. This adventure loving couple was on a European backpack excursion and they found themselves in Rome.

It was a beautiful night as the sun began to set over the ancient city. They walked through the cobblestone streets, as music played and fellow patrons were dining out on patios. They ended up on the Ponte Umberto bridge. The sun had set, leaving a bright blue glow in the sky, reflecting off the water. Louie dropped to a knee, right there on the bridge, and asked Sarah to marry him!

Every moment of this wedding was perfectly planned from the having vintage lounge vignettes to the farm house coffee tables and right down to the sequin linens.

Team Of Wedding Pros

Wedding Planner: Robin Ballard

Photographer: Brett Hickman

Entertainment: David with Vox DJs

Florist: The Bloom of Time

Linens: Signature Party Rentals

Officiant: Grant Windle

Invitations: Carta Society

Videographer Phoenix



Boho Chic Wedding

Videographer Phoenix Boho Chic Wedding

Jessica and Sean met at a mixer dance in high school and shortly after a kiss at a high school party began their journey of falling in love. High school sweethearts that their friends called the “Brittany and Justin” of their high school class both knew that one day that love that blossomed in the hallway of a high school party would send them down the aisle. They chose the Condor’s Nest in the mountains overlooking San Diego as their venue. Jessica wanted as her wedding planner described it, to have “unicorns and color and all things pretty and to look like a dream”. They had stars hanging from the market lights and even a couple of Teepees set up at the reception. It literally looked like a dream with all of the details and color. It was everything she envisioned it to be with the floral and the ribbons and lots of brightly colored wildflowers. Although unplanned, they even got a mist all day long that added to the dreaminess of it all. Jessica and Sean took it all in stride as they made their way around the property snuggling in every nook and cranny sneaking kisses and taking their photos. Everything about this wedding was unique and memorable but their First Look will go down as one of my favorites of all time… Sean held a bouquet of balloons in front of his face and let them go to find Jessica behind the bouquet. The look of pure joy and excitement Jessica will remember forever. She was ear to ear as she saw her handsome groom decked out in his custom suit. The balloons reminded me of the movie Up. It was all so meaningful and super cute. Congratulations to Jessica and Sean!!

Team Of Wedding Pros

Venue: Condor’s Nest

Event Planner: Teonna’s Floral Design

Photographer: Rosanna Hanson Photography

Cake: Elegance On Display

Florist: Teonna’s Floral Design

Videographer Phoenix



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