The word “serendipity” means to find something great by accident. That is exactly how Serendipity Cinematography came about. Taryn was working in the corporate world and was over it. She wanted to find something where she could use her Broadcasting degree combined with her expertise in Sales and Marketing, her love of working with people, and her passion for weddings. At the time Taryn’s best friend was getting married and she asked Taryn to shoot her wedding film. Taryn compiled her best talent from her Broadcasting days and put together the first Serendipity wedding film. 10 years later and over 1300 wedding films shot and edited with studios in Arizona and Southern California, Serendipity is a team of award winning cinematographers and storytellers who love creating hand-crafted wedding films for our couples. Oh and the other reason for the name: we love the movie Serendipity and we are big John Cusack fans!


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